Lapsed Australian grants – use for planning

These are former links posted by Grants Information to give you an indicative timeline for future grants. I will be tweaking these as new opportunities are highlighted for my own posting plans

As always, if you see any that are missing let me know via the contact page and we will then keep this as a comprehensive list.


3-Nov           Entrepreneurship Facilitators 

4-Nov           Fairwork – Community Engagement Grants Program

4-Nov           Back to School (BTS) 

11-Nov         The Copyright Agency’s Create Career Fund 

12-Nov         The Australian Artists’ Grant

14-Nov         The Queer Screen Completion Fund 

14-Nov         Westpac’s Businesses of Tomorrow

15-Nov         Copland Foundation Grants

16-Jan          Cancer Australia

17-Nov         DSS – Settlement Services Career Pathways Pilot

23-Nov         Creativity Australia

24-Nov          Layne Beachley Foundation ‘Aim For The Stars’

25-Nov         Eucalypt Australia Small Grant Program

25-Nov         Screen Australia EFM Call Out

25-Nov         The Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT)

27-Nov         IKEA Living Local Community Grants

29-Nov         Commonwealth Home Support Program Growth Funding Round

29-Nov         Employability Skills Training Panel

30-Nov         The Mardi Gras Film Festival

Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)

Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII)

Cadbury Fundraiser 

Amnesty International Australia’s Human Rights Innovation Fund 

Amnesty International Australia’s Human Rights Innovation Fund for Indigenous Youth Justice initiatives

The Felice Rosemary Lloyd Scholarship

Energy Consumers Australia grants program


1-Dec           SMART FOR A GIRL: ROAR

2-Dec           Perpetual – The 2017 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program

2-Dec           The 2017 Native Title Officer Funding Scheme

5-Dec           Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Training Provider Grants

6-Dec           Rural R&D for Profit programme

9-Dec           Ian Potter Foundation Round 1 2017

9-Dec           Screen Australia’s Feature Film Production program 

15-Dec         Health Care Homes Grant Round 

15-Dec         Pharmacy Trial Program – Tranche 2 Funding Round 

16-Dec         CBB 21for21 Community Development Program Grants

19-Dec         Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMT) Program – Three new University Departments of Rural Health 

20-Dec         Dementia and Aged Care Services Research and Innovation Funding Round 

20-Dec         DSS Volunteer Grants 2016 

31-Dec         CPA Australia Mentor the Treasurer Program

31-Dec         Gordon Darling Foundation


5-Jan            ANZ Staff Foundation

13-Jan          National Shed Development Programme (NSDP)

15-Jan          The ANZ Staff Foundation 

16-Jan          Regional Collaborations Programme 

17-Feb         Connellan Airways Trust

24-Jan          Ian Potter Foundation Round 1 2017 

27-Jan          ABC and Screen Australia’s Fresh Blood

30-Jan          Foxtel Diversity Screenwriting Scholarship for Master of Arts Screen: Screenwriting

31-Jan          Indigenous Peoples’ Medical Scholarship 2017

31                 Harcourts Foundation Support charities in their local community


5th                 Myer Foundation, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and the Keir Foundation 

7th                 Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups 

7th                 Artists With Disability Funding 

17th               Screen Australia’s Feature Film Production program

17th               Citizen Science Grants

17th               Australian Information Industry Association

Ongoing         Screen Australia’s Feature Film Production program aims to support a diverse slate of Australian films for theatrical release that entertain and enlighten domestic and international audiences while reflecting the unique characteristics of Australian identity

20th               Transurban Community Grants 

24th                Indigenous Producer Internship Program

24th               Horizon Scholarship,

24th               Heal Our Past, Build Our Future, BTH20

27th               2017 John Fries Award

28th               James N Kirby Foundation 

28th               Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) Investment Projects Stream

28th               Westpac Foundation – About Social Scale-up Grants

28th               EPIC’s Community Grants

28th               Aussie Farmers Foundation 

28th               Amnesty International


8                  DSS – ILC National Readiness Grants

13                Priming Grants

14                National Disability Conference Initiative 2017-18

16                IGNITE CAREER FUND 

17                Visions of Australia

17                Legally Assisted and Culturally Appropriate Family Dispute Resolution

17                nib foundation 

17                With One Voice

19                IKEA® Living Local Community Grants

20                Greater Charitable Foundation

22                Cooperative Research Centre Projects (CRC-P) grants

23                Community Heritage and Icons Grants 2016-17

24                Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World 

24                Festivals Australia 

26                 IRT Foundation

27                Social Justice Small Grants Program 

31                The Innovative Workforce Fund 

31                Building Better Regions Fund Community Investments Stream 

31                Holden Home Ground Advantage

31                Steve Waugh Foundation

31                 Small Grants for Rural Communities (SGRC) – Round 31

31                ANROWS 

31                CommBank Grassroots Grants program

31                National Aged Care Advocacy Program Funding Round

31                Stockland Community Grants 

?                  Telstra Kids Fund

31                Sisters of Charity Foundation

31                 Harcourts Foundation Support charities in their local community


6                              Indigenous Languages and Arts

7                              Emergency Relief – Workforce Development and Capacity Building

7                              Screen Australia’s Documentary Development program

10                            [BLACK SPACE]: WEB SERIES PRODUCTION

13                            Energy Consumers Australia 

17                            Landcare Australia’s Habitat Restoration Grants 2017

20                            Hot Shots Plus

21                            Future Ready

21                            DOCUMENTARIES PRODUCER PROGRAM

21                            NAB Foundation

21                            The Channel

26                            PPCA – AUSTRALIA COUNCIL PARTNERSHIP

27                            NAIDOC WEEK FUNDING Funding

27                             Community Awareness Grants 2017

28                            Digital Literacy for Older Australians

28                            Australia Post’s Regional Pitchfest

28                            Cultural Fund

30                            Sport Access Foundation 


14                            The William Fletcher tertiary grants for talented young artists


5                  SUEZ Community Grants program

5                  NDIS Partners in the Community Program Grant Round Two

7                  2017 ABC Women in Broadcast Technology (WiBT) Scholarships

8                  Coca-Cola Australia Foundation

8                  Community Heritage Grants

11                Support for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Fathers

11                Support for Fathers

5                  Optus Future Makers

15                FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

15                Connellan Airways Trust

16                AMP’s Tomorrow Fund 2017

16                Open now: Global Connections Fund Bridging Grants

23                Ian Potter Cultural Trust

24                Young Social Pioneers

25                Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women

25                Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Leading Prevention

31                Gordon Darling Foundation

31                Amnesty International

31                nib foundation

31                $50,000 Rural Hero grant 

31                Australian Ethical


1                  Coopers Brewery Foundation Sustainable Giving initiative

2                  Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World

2                  Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

2                  Community Legal Services Program – Innovation Fund

5                  Australian Ethical Study Grant

6                  Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups 





9                  Westpac Foundation Community Grants

14                2018 Endeavour Mobility Grants

15                Threatened Species Recovery Fund

16                Funding for Women’s Leadership Development


29                Yates Junior Landcare Garden Grants program

30                The Steve Waugh Foundation

30                Smart Cities and Suburbs Program


30                The Financial Literacy Australia (FLA) Grants program

30                Harcourts Foundation Support charities in their local community

30                Business Research and Innovation Initiative

30                Kickstarter


3                  Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM)

4                  Human Trafficking & Slavery Prevention 2017-18

12                Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) grants

14th Energy Consumers Australia grants program has a particular focus, which provides the basis of their threshold eligibility criterion. This is that you must be able to show that your proposal will build knowledge and capacity to support energy policy development that will benefit the long term interests of consumers – see also change to grants calendar

14th Becoming a Local Drug Action Team Communities will need to form groups with cross sector representatives and apply to become an LDAT. In round 2, LDAT’s will receive a minimum of $10,000 to either develop their LDAT further or implement activity/s. An invitation-only grant round will be open on 15 August where invited LDATs will be invited to apply for further funding of up to $40,000 (including the initial $10,000)

14th DOCUMENTARIES PRODUCER PROGRAM The intention of the Producer program is to provide producers with the flexibility to drive projects both creatively and commercially, with Screen Australia funding as the foundation for growing and securing deals

15th ANZ Staff Foundation provides small grants of around AUD 5,000 to charities around Australia

21st Future2 Make the Difference! Grants program is a national program issuing Grants up to $10,000. Every application must be supported by a licensed financial planner who is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)

25th  The ACCAN Grants Program funds projects which either undertake research on telecommunications issues, represent consumers or create educational tools which empower consumers to make decisions in their own interests and to understand telecommunications products and services. All eligible projects address systemic issues for telecommunications consumers

27th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program – Expansion Round funds organisations to provide flexible, culturally appropriate aged care to older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people close to their home and/or community

27th Continuity of Support Programme – Direct Funding Model – Individual Support Packages (ISP) The Department of Health on behalf of the Commonwealth is seeking applications for the National delivery of the CoS ISP Direct Funding model to replace the current state-managed arrangements. The successful applicant must have the capacity to deliver this model across 7 states and territories to 127 older people with disability

28th Bennelong Foundation To help guide the distribution of grants, the Foundation has identified seven key areas of focus. Out of these seven key areas, the current priority focus areas for the Foundation are: Education, training and employment, Community health, Migrant and Indigenous community welfare, Crisis support, Youth at risk, Medical research, and International aid and assistance

28th 2017 State Trustees Australia Foundation – Grassroots Grants Program Grants up to $10,000 for Ageing well, Disability and Mental health and emotional wellbeing

30th Inspiring Rare Birds Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is offering 100 scholarships to emerging or established female business owners throughout Australia

31st The Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant provides impact businesses and mission-driven organisations with grants of up to $100,000 for business, financial, legal and other capacity building support from providers to secure investment

31st National Indigenous Law Awards Programme – NILA aims to highlight and recognise the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who demonstrate a passion and commitment to improving justice outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

31st Veterans’ Health Week DVA can provide some funding support for VHW activities that reflect the annual theme


1st The June Canavan Foundation – multiple application rounds in the four areas close to June’s heart: Sport – Health – Education – Wildlife

3rd My Big Idea How can you source and bring to life some of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring ideas for the country’s future?

4th Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World you now have the chance to receive up to $50,000 in grants to help make your dream for your community group or not-for-profit organisation a reality

4th Community Sector Banking 2017 Social Investment Grants Program The theme for their 2017 grants program is building resilience and capability for people experiencing homelessness or domestic and family violence.$200,000 is available for not-for-profits to apply for across two categories

4th Canon Oceania Grants – Inspiring Tomorrow This new program will now support schools and not-for-profit groups who are addressing both social and environmental issues in their community and inspiring change for future generations (AUS AND NZ)

4th Enterprise Ideas provides tailored multi-year funding to companies seeking to undertake initiatives that will both develop their business as well as contribute to the industry more generally

4th Podquest If you’ve got an idea, a story or you’re a brilliant story teller – then Podquest is for you. Record your podcast & enter! The winning podcaster will receive 5k cash plus studio and production time and help from industry experts to bring your podcast series to life. You’ll be the envy of the podcasting world!

4th FRRR – ANZ Seeds of Renewal The program focuses specifically on helping build vibrant and sustainable rural communities, to ensure the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia

6th Love Bites will be a series of 10 x 5 min documentary short films made by filmmakers from the LGBTIQ community across Australia. The films will premiere on the ABC Arts channel on iview which aims to present smart, quality and shareable arts content

7th CommBank Cricket Club Sponsorship includes a $2,000 per year two-year financial support.They will also provide cricket gear and CommBank merchandise to each club to help you continue to play the game we all love

11th The Honda Foundation acts as a charitable trust, providing financial assistance to charities and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues

11th Digital Literacy School Grants – Round Two is an initiative under the Inspiring all Australians in Digital Literacy and STEM measure of the National Innovation and Science Agenda. Grants of between $10,000 and $50,000 are available for schools and other organisations to encourage and facilitate implementation of the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

11th Plus1 is a dollar-for-dollar matched fundraising program, designed to boost the fundraising efforts of small to medium not-for-profit arts organisations

15th  20 Million Trees Program The Australian Government will work with the community to plant 20 million trees by 2020, to re-establish green corridors and urban forests

15th Connellan Airways Trust’s Organisational Grants These grants were established in 1991 to assist organisations which provide expertise or otherwise serve or assist people in Outback Australia in the areas of endeavour, service or need

16th Mental Health in Multicultural Australia The purpose of MHiMA funding is to facilitate a national focus on mental health and suicide prevention for people from CALD backgrounds

17th Ignite Career Fund supports individuals working in the publishing and visual art sectors to develop skills and progress their careers

17th Slater and Gordon Health Projects and Research Fund grants multiple grants for Australia and the UK

18th Screen Australia’s Documentary Development program assists experienced documentary makers to achieve planned outcomes for the development of their projects

18th Arts Fundraising Mentorships a new mentoring program offers an opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced arts fundraiser