Do your research…

Crowdfunding may incur associated fees such as success, processing and donor fees. Ensure you do your research and, for your first stop, check out the Choice report Are crowdfunding sites the real winners?

For those in Australia, link into the ATO Crowdfunding page to understand the tax obligations

Crowdfunding sites are numerous. If there are any sites that need to be added or links that need to be updated. Feel free to advise via the contact page

Crowdfunding sites…

AngelList Fundraising for business

chuffed Australian crowdfunding for not for profits and social enterprises

CircleUp Fundraising for business

crowdfunder Venture Capital: Crowdsourced

crowdrise For any cause that inspires you

CROWDSUPPLY Project development platform

everydayhero Australian site helping the causes you love

experiment Fundraising for the scientific community

field theory Australian artists committed to making and supporting art projects

FUNDABLE Fundraising for business

FUNDANYTHING Fundraising for anything

Giveforward Raise money for a variety of humanitarian causes

gofundme Fundraising for things that matter most to you

INDIEGOGO Community fundraising and marketplace

iPledg Australian crowdfunding and boot camps

KICKSTARTER Fundraising for creative projects

MICROVENTURES Equity crowdfunding for start-ups

mycause Australian site helping you fundraise for a person or cause

OzCrowd Australian crowdfunding

Patreon Recurring Funding for Creators

PLEDGE MUSIC A direct-to-fan music platform

Pozible Australian crowdfunding – They crowdfund awesome stuff

ProjectEd is a registered Australian charity that provides a transparent fundraising platform for educational projects

ReadyFundGo ReadyFundGo is a powerful tool created to harness a community passionate about your idea

Rocket Hub crowdfunding platform

teespring Themed fundraising tee shirts

Telstra Together Foundation Australian site supporting activity around planned events

tilt Collect, fundraise and sell with your community

YOUCARING Compassionate crowdfunding