About Caroline

I’m never happier than when I am creating a grant or tender project that offers people possibilities. One that empowers people or communities to move from their current reality to one where their lives are enriched.

In doing so, I have worked in areas that have truly stretched my own reality. Outputs in university research and development, education, social justice, health projects to social firm development and business innovation and heaps in between.

I’ve brought in millions of dollars in funding, assessed grants and tenders on panels, mentored people and now developed the community of Grants Information.

Grants Information is a passion. It is a way to give back to the community and to share possibilities, inspiration and knowledge with all of you.

I love writing, assessing, mentoring, coaching and strategic planning. I’m happiest when I work autonomously and with projects close to my personal values.

If you want to know more, Like the page, follow my blog and check out the website. And, if you still need more information feel free to contact me via the contact page.