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The John Burge Trust closing 30 June 2018

The John Burge Trust was established by the late John Burge to assist people with tuberculosis and support work towards the prevention and cure of the disease.

Purpose of the fund

The fund is applied to support the following activities:

  • for the purpose of aiding and helping those who are suffering, or have suffered from, tuberculosis and who by reason of the disease are disabled;
  • to provide funds to implement programs for identifying and treating those persons (such as immigrants and disadvantaged and homeless members of the population) who are at a higher risk than other members of the population of having or contracting tuberculosis;
  • to provide funds to implement educational programs to inform health workers about the prevention, recognition, and treatment of tuberculosis;
  • to provide medication for, and supervision of the use of medication by, members of groups who are at a high risk of having or contracting tuberculosis; and
  • to provide funds for research into the spread of tuberculosis within Victoria, and the treatment and prevention of the disease.

Submitting your application

State Trustees currently considers applications to a maximum of $125,000.  The average grant is for $50,000.  Multi-year funding is considered.

For more information (source) see >>> The John Burge Trust

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