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Screen Australia – Enterprise Ideas closing 4 August 2017


Encouraging ambitious and innovative proposals that enable companies to adapt and respond to change, pursue new opportunities, and contribute to the commercial and creative development of the sector.

Enterprise Ideas provides tailored multi-year funding to companies seeking to undertake initiatives that will both develop their business as well as contribute to the industry more generally.

Through this program Screen Australia encourages applications that address all areas of the production value chain including: innovative models for project and professional development; new methodologies for established and emergent forms of production, such as virtual reality; and proposals for distribution and audience engagement.

Enterprise Ideas also seeks applications from screen companies that are leading their field either creatively and commercially in order to build capacity or take a new strategic direction; proposals that take advantage of the technological change that is continuing to impact on the sector; and initiatives that provide career and development pathways for new voices who can tell stories that reflect the rich diversity of Australia’s lived experience.

The Enterprise Ideas program is deliberately non-prescriptive in order to elicit the most innovative, ambitious, and potentially ground-breaking ideas from the sector.

For more information (source) see >>> Enterprise Ideas

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