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Becoming a Local Drug Action Team closing 14 July 2017

Becoming a Local Drug Action Team

Before you apply

The LDAT program is about building partnerships that focus on primary prevention work in your community. The members of an LDAT commit to working together as a team to promote social inclusion and to community-driven, evidence informed approaches that strengthen protective factors against AOD misuse. Your LDAT could include representatives of local government, local community groups, local traders/business associations, police, schools, and local not-for-profit organisations.

Communities will need to form groups with cross sector representatives and apply to become an LDAT. In round 2, LDAT’s will receive a minimum of $10,000 to either develop their LDAT further or implement activity/s. An invitation-only grant round will be open on 15 August where invited LDATs will be invited to apply for further funding of up to $40,000 (including the initial $10,000).

For more information (source) see >>> Becoming a Local Drug Action Team

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