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Crowdfunding anyone?

You have got an awesome project and you need to raise funds? You don’t fit the traditional grants and funding model?

Then consider crowdfunding. It relies on lots of people liking your idea enough to support you with a small amount (or big amount). It supports individual, community, not-for-profit and for-profit needs.

Want to see a live example of a success story?

I found Passion Planners (and no this is not an affiliate link) as a result of a crowdfunding campaign 2 plus years ago. Their buy one and donate one raised over $500K. They had a planner I wanted to buy, had an ethical standpoint and were building their community.

Passion Planner is a success story and I am sure you will learn much from their site to spark some ideas for your own campaign.

But…do your research…

Crowdfunding may incur associated fees such as success, processing and donor fees. Ensure you do your research and, for your first stop, check out the Choice report Are crowdfunding sites the real winners?

For those in Australia, link into the ATO Crowdfunding page to understand the tax obligations. For our International followers check out your local tax position.

Crowdfunding sites are numerous and if there are any others you would like to see on the crowdfunding page flick me an email via the contact page

For more information see Grants Information’s Crowdfunding Page

Image: Passion Planners with permission


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