Screen Australia DOCUMENTARIES PRODUCER PROGRAM closing 21 April 2017

The intention of the Producer program is to provide producers with the flexibility to drive projects both creatively and commercially, with Screen Australia funding as the foundation for growing and securing deals.

The program is designed to support innovative documentaries with a strong creative vision in the context of today’s evolving media and distribution landscape and the commercial realities of increasingly fragmented sources of finance.

It supports singles and series intended for broadcast, festival, theatrical, digital, VR and transmedia audiences. Minimum budget is $120,000 per hour (or $120,000 in total for non-linear projects). Screen Australia aims to fund 20–30 hours of content a year through this program.

Marketplace commitment is not required at application but projects will need to demonstrate a highly developed understanding of how they will reach and engage their target market and audience.


Any amount up to $750,000 may be requested. For projects eligible for the Producer Equity program, the PEP payment will automatically form part of the Screen Australia contribution.  Producers who have a genuine cinematic feature that may require a larger investment should talk to Screen Australia as soon as possible about their project.

For more information (source) see >>> DOCUMENTARIES PRODUCER PROGRAM


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