Screen Australia’s Documentary Development program closing 7th April 2017

Screen Australia’s Documentary Development program assists experienced documentary makers to achieve planned outcomes for the development of their projects.

This could include further research, writing the next draft of a script or treatment, strategic shooting and/or editing to attract marketplace development or production finance, or compiling a sizzle reel.

The program is primarily focused on providing development support to one- off projects.

Interactive or web-based projects: Producers of interactive or web-based projects must discuss their project with an Investment/Development Manager to explore what development may be possible, before applying for development funding.

Time-critical funding – by invitation only

Producers must consult with an Investment/Development Manager about applying for time-critical funding (including funding for time-critical shooting).  Applications outside of the scheduled rounds can only be made by invitation.

A comprehensive rationale will be required, setting out:

  • what the funding is to be used for
  • why the expenditure is vital to the realisation of the film and
  • why the timing is critical.

Strong marketplace interest, including broadcast, must be demonstrated.

Unsolicited applications will not be accepted for consideration outside a development funding round.


Applicants may apply for any amount up to $30,000.

For more information (source) see >>> Screen Australia’s Documentary Development program


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