Future Ready closing 21 April 2017

Future Ready – building smart cities know-how

Future Ready is a smart cities incubator series that sits alongside the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

The intent is to help local governments prepare for smart city transformations through learning, collaboration and ideas generation.

Future Ready brings together national and international experts, researchers, service and technology providers, governments, social enterprises, community leaders, start-ups and innovators to share knowledge, grow ideas and stimulate innovation.

Real-life examples, stories of success and failure and practical advice are used to give participants a deeper understanding of and insight into how to create a smart city.

Running between May and September 2017, Future Ready will provide each participant with a unique experience: the series is designed to be flexible so individuals can tailor their involvement to their needs.

Future Ready has been developed for local government leaders but is open to all comers, including organisations developing proposals for the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

Registrations are now open and close 21 April 2017.

For more information (source) see >>> Future Ready


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