Greater Charitable Foundation closing 20th March 2017

Each calendar year the Foundation will provide approximately $1million to programs, based either in NSW or South-East Queensland, which are designed to improve the life outcomes of their beneficiaries.

The Foundation’s two key priority areas for funding are Families and Communities.


Projects which  may focus on the following:

– Providing support to vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged families. These may include families with low incomes, young parent families, jobless families, sole parent families, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, families from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, families with a parent or child who has a disability, and families experiencing problems with housing, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health;

– Early intervention services for children and young people;

– Services and support for older Australians;

– Improving the health and wellbeing of families;

– Increasing access and pathways to services for regional and rural families;

– Strengthening family cohesion.


Projects which may focus on the following:

– Facilitating social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, training and employment;

– Enhancing community safety and wellbeing;

– Responding to the mental health needs of all Australians;

– Promoting child and youth social inclusion and engagement;

– Encouraging leadership and diverse educational opportunities;

– Strengthening community capacity through increasing connectedness;

– Health promotion initiatives.

For more information (source) see >>> Greater Charitable Foundation‘s two key priority areas for funding are Families and Communities

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