Westpac Foundation – About Social Scale-up Grants open 1st February 2017 and close on 28 February 2017

About Social Scale-up Grants

At Westpac Foundation, they are passionate about helping create more job opportunities for Australians who need it most, in particular – Indigenous Australians, refugees and asylum-seekers, youth-at-risk, as well as people who have experienced homelessness, domestic and family violence and mental health issues.

Social Scale-up is designed to help scale-up not-for-profit social enterprises that are creating jobs and employment pathways for individuals who often face significant barriers to entering the mainstream job market or are excluded from the workforce.

In 2017, they will award five grants valued at $1.5 million to organisations that have a proven model to support those individuals in accessing jobs, training and qualifications, or work experience. They expect their Social Scale-up grant recipients to have a well-developed workplace support model that responds to the specific social support needs of their employees or trainees who are within our target groups.

Successful recipients will receive $300,000 over three years, as well as valuable non-financial support such as business mentoring through our More than Money Program, to help scale-up their operations, grow their business and increase their social impact.

Social Scale-up Grant Applications will open on 1 February 2017.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, your organisation must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Does your social enterprise have a proven model for creating jobs and/or employment pathways (training, qualifications or work experience) for Australians (in Westpac Foundation’s target groups) who face barriers to employment, or are often excluded from the job market?
  2. Has your social enterprise supported 10 or more people facing barriers to employment (within Westpac Foundation’s target groups) into an Award wage paying job (casual, part-time or full time), or employment pathways?
  3. Is your social enterprise registered and operating in Australia?
  4. Does your social enterprise have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 Status?


*Youth at risk refers to children/teenagers over 12 years old. If your target group is children aged 0-12 years, please refer to the St George Foundation.

The impact of our Social Scale-up Grants

In 2016, they awarded Social Scale-up Grants to Bama Services (QLD), Green Connect (NSW), Jigsaw Business Solutions (NSW), STREAT (VIC) and The Bread & Butter Project (NSW).

By 2019, these five social enterprises are aiming to create pathways to a better future for hundreds of individuals and together, are projecting that they will:

  • Double their annual income from $11 million to over $23 million
  • Support 700 currently unemployed people into jobs; for some, it will be their first experience in meaningful employment
  • Provide formal qualifications or valuable work experience for a further 800 people.

How to apply for 2017

The first step in applying for a Social Scale-up Grant is to complete their Self-Assessment Survey to help you determine if your organisation is eligible for a Social Scale-up Grant and likely to be:

  1. A strong applicant; or
  2. A high-potential applicant; or
  3. Unlikely to be shortlisted for the 2017 round of Social Scale-up Grants.

You can take the Self-Assessment Survey (PDF 214KB) anytime of the year.

Social Scale-up Grant Applications will be open from 1st February 2017 and close on 28 February 2017. Please contact the Foundation at westpacfoundation@westpac.com.au if you have any questions.

For more information (source) see >>> Westpac Foundation – About Social Scale-up Grants


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