2017 Anniversary Grants Program closing 31 March 2017 (NSW)

To mark its 50 year anniversary, the Law and Justice Foundation has announced an Anniversary Grants Program that aims to support one or more projects (to a total value of $150,000) that contribute to achieving our mandate and reflect the Foundation’s rigorous approach to addressing the legal needs of the community by:

  • identifying a particular priority legal need of a specific group in NSW
  • assessing the existing evidence concerning how best and cost effectively to address that need
  • developing and implementing a strategy to trial an innovative and evidence-informed strategy to address this legal need, and
  • rigorously evaluating the strategy to assess the success of the project and to identify the lessons learned for policy development and service delivery.

Focus of the program

The Foundation is particularly interested in but not limited to applications for projects that address any of the following themes:

  • optimum ways to provide appropriate, targeted, joined-up and holistic services to particular disadvantaged people
  • pro bono services including models of innovative service delivery
  • self-help services for disadvantaged people, including self-represented litigants
  • accessible/culturally appropriate services
  • collaborative and co-located services
  • key transition points (for example, onset of mental illness, divorce, unemployment etc).

Target groups

The following target groups/issues are of particular interest but should not be limited to:

  • Indigenous people
  • older people (for example, elder abuse)
  • people with a disability
  • public and social housing tenants
  • rural, regional and remote (for example, accessible legal services)
  • young people transitioning from out of home care.

Download flyer

Closing date: Applications close on 31 March 2017 and the recipient(s) will be announced in October 2017.

For more information (source) see >>> The Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales’ Grants Program


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