Screen Australia’s Indigenous Department is calling on Indigenous filmmakers, online content creators and vloggers from across Australia to produce online series.

The creation of online content is fast becoming the future of screen storytelling and in the same vain as successful web series, Bondi Hipsters, Broad City, Black As and The Katering Show, we are on the hunt for dynamic proposals for online series with refreshing voices, daring stories, courageous characters or even a couple of oddballs!

Screen Australia’s Indigenous Department will fund two Black Space submissions (three to five standalone episodes, each around four minutes in duration). The initiative is designed to bring Indigenous stories, authored and crafted by Indigenous people to online audiences.

They are looking for Indigenous talent, with big ideas at a production ready stage. As part of the Black Space initiative the successful teams will attend a two day workshop focussed on marketing online content. Each series will be made entirely for online delivery in conjunction with YouTube and Facebook.

The production ready series can be comedy, drama, mockumentary, factual and/or any other relevant genre.

All applicants should be able to commit to production by June 2017, for delivery and launch by October 2017.


The successful applications will receive funding of up to $200,000, and key creatives must be available to attend the two-day online marketing Workshop being held in June 2017.


  • Applications must come from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Australian writers, writer/directors, presenters or writer and director teams.
  • Applicants must meet the general eligibility requirements set out in the Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade.
  • There are no minimum credit requirements for writers, directors or writer/directors. However, applicants should be aware that the intention of the initiative is to develop new and emerging creative teams who must display a commitment to working in the film and television industry, and have a genuine interest in developing multiplatform content.
  • An application must have at least one Producer who has one of the following:
  • an eligible short drama credit (see Definitions box below) as a Producer OR
  • an eligible documentary credit. (see Definitions box below) as a Producer

The project application:

  • Should be no longer than three to five episodes, each with a duration of around 4 minutes. Applicants can submit a variation of the number of episodes, as long as the total duration for the series is a maximum of 15 minute and episode length supports the distinctiveness of the idea.
  • Can be achieved within the parameters of Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade and $200,000 budgets. Please use the Multiplatform A-Z Budgets See their FAQ sheet.
  • Incorporates a maximum of two main characters with minimal extra/support characters.

For more information (source): [BLACK SPACE]: WEB SERIES PRODUCTION

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