IMB Community Foundation closing 24 February 2017 (NSW)

The IMB Community Foundation was established in 1999 as a way for IMB to assist community groups in building community assets

The Foundation supports projects that reflect its objectives, which include enhancing the economic self-sufficiency of communities, as well as generating economic, social, cultural, environmental, tourism and educational benefits for those communities.

You can contact the IMB Community Foundation via our online enquiry form or by phone 1800 223 242.


Attention: open in a new window. The IMB Community Foundation strives to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. To encourage and assist economic, social and environmental diversification within the communities in which IMB operates (projects must have strong links to the areas in which IMB members live and work);
  2. To advance shared prosperity and sustainability in the region by supporting social, cultural, environmental, heritage, educational, tourism and economic initiatives within communities, which will ultimately provide economic and social benefits;
  3. To promote the mutual and self-help philosophies of IMB;
  4. To identify and support activities that encourage self-sufficiency through transfer of skills and knowledge, and that may develop new physical resources;
  5. To encourage and support volunteer inputs throughout the communities;
  6. To strengthen IMB’s community and business networks;
  7. Ultimately, to build and strengthen “community assets”.

For more information (source) See >>> IMB Community Foundation

Image: Jeremy Bishop


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