2017 Churchill Fellowship open Tuesday 28 February 2017 and close Friday 28 April 2017

There’s plenty of time to prepare for this application with advanced notice!!

A Churchill Fellowship offers Australian citizens the remarkable opportunity to travel overseas to investigate a topic or an issue that they are passionate about.

It is for anyone who feels they have exhausted alternatives within Australia and would like to see what other countries are doing successfully in a similar space to inspire new ideas, innovation and excellence.

The high international regard for Churchill Fellowships provides a pathway for Fellows to access expertise from around the world, expanding their knowledge and experience for the benefit of Australian society.

There is a high level of visibility and credibility associated with being a Churchill Fellow.

No prescribed qualifications are required in order to apply for a Churchill Fellowship, however the Fellowship is NOT designed to enable applicants to complete tertiary qualifications.

The subject of the proposed project is limitless provided a benefit to Australia is evident and a willingness to share the knowledge gained with Australia is displayed.


More than 100 Fellowships will be available for award in 2017, each valued at $25,000*.

* $25,000 is the average value of a Fellowship based on current exchange rates.

For more information (source) >>> 2017 Churchill Fellowship


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