Art in Bark $10,000 bursary closing 13 January 2017 (QLD)

Art in Bark have generously given an endowment to Queensland College of Art, Griffith University for an annual bursary of $10,000 to support a student from a remote or regional area of Queensland, who is about to begin their Fine Art studies at the Queensland College of Art.

2016 was the first year the Art in Bark Bursary was awarded. The bursary is to enable a student to offset relocation costs, or to enable them to focus on their studies without the need for part-time work, or to buy equipment, materials, or books, or to contribute to their accommodation expenses.

The recipient of the bursary will receive two payments in their supported year at the end of Census date in both Trimester 1 and Trimester 2. The Griffith University scholarship office will administer the payments directly to the student.

The recipient must remain enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Art for the full year to receive the full bursary.

For more information (source) >>> Art in Bark Bursary

Image: Rob Mulally


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