Jobs for NSW closing 9 December 2016

Regional Solutions is a performance based grant within the Regional Jobs Now portfolio specifically designed to create jobs in regional and rural NSW. The pilot of the program will run as a competitive process by applicants initially submitting an Expression of Interest form for all the products in the Regional Jobs Now portfolio.

Who is eligible?

Australian businesses that plan to create a minimum of the equivalent of 10 full time jobs in regional NSW within two years of project commencement.

Applicants must also:

  • have an ABN number, with a registered office/principal place of business located in Australia
  • be operating for a profit
  • have been operating for a minimum one year
  • not have already committed to funding the stage of the project which is the subject of the application
  • be solvent and not be under criminal investigation
  • not have a history of bankruptcy or adverse findings against them (including company directors) and are up to date with their statutory requirements
  • be prepared to declare all existing loans, debts and securities

How much is available?

Funding support is capped at 50% of the total project costs.

When do applications open?

To be invited to apply for the Regional Solutions pilot, you must submit an Expression of Interest for the Regional Jobs Now portfolio.

Applications open on 7 November 2016 and close 9 December 2016, 5pm


For more information (source) >>> Jobs for NSW


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