The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative closing 2nd December 2016 (QLD)

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative is to support weed and pest animal management projects.

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative has received funding through the Queensland Government to support the growth of a productive and prosperous food and fibre sector in Queensland, Queensland Government’s Rural Assistance Package and the Australian Government Agricultural Competitiveness White  Paper, the  Australian Government’s plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.

This funding is for organisations such as regional natural resource management (NRM) groups, incorporated industry organisations, local governments or a regional organisation of local governments or equivalent body. These organisations are requested to develop regional projects through consultation  ;with affected  stakeholders that can include primary producers, local governments, regional NRM groups, Landcare and wild dog committees that identify agreed project proponent or proponents.

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative Oversight Group (Oversight Group) includes Wild Dog Fencing Commissioner Vaughan Johnson, Wild Dog Fencing Commissioner Mark O’Brien, representatives of AgForce, Queensland Farmers Federation, Local Government Association of Queensland, Queensland Regional  Groups Collective,  Queensland Conservation Council, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and the Departments of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), National Parks, Sport and Racing (DNPSR), Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) and Environment  and Heritage Protection (DEHP).  This Oversight Group of government and non-government representatives is overseeing the development and implementation of the initiative.

For more information (source) >>> The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative

Image: elizabeth lies



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