dAIS – Athlete grant – two rounds per year


Australia’s Winning Edge, our nation’s high performance sporting strategy, underpins our ambition to develop world best athletes capable of producing world best results. We aim to rank amongst the top five nations at the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the top 15 nations at the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to be the top nation at the Commonwealth Games. A key element of Australia’s Winning Edge is to prioritise support to the athletes who have the greatest potential to contribute to these targets.

The dAIS scheme provides an opportunity for athletes in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports to receive a direct cash grant from the Australian Government. As well as supporting current podium finishing athletes, dAIS also provides support to a growing number of emerging athletes.

Athletes may be nominated by their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) to receive a dAIS grant if they:

  • achieved a podium result at a recent world championship level event and are expected to maintain that level of performance, or
  • demonstrate potential to achieve a podium result at a future world championship level event, and meet certain other eligibility criteria as set out in these guidelines.

Find a link to the dAIS guidelines below for information on eligibility criteria, performance considerations and grants amounts, athlete and NSO responsibilities, indicative timetable and supporting information required.

These guidelines provide an outline of the scheme to athletes and NSOs. They are subject to change and may be updated from time to time.


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