NSW Asian Cup 2015 Legacy Fund closing 24 February 2017 (NSW)

The NSW Asian Cup 2015 Legacy Fund (the Fund) is an initiative of the NSW Government, Football NSW (FNSW) and Northern NSW Football (NNSWF), which has been established with the NSW Government’s surplus from the 2015 AFC Asian Cup to provide funding assistance to community football clubs (Clubs) to partner with local stakeholders to improve the quality, availability and standard of their facilities.

About the Program

The Fund aims to improve football facilities (including FUTSAL) for a variety of benefits including increasing participation, improving safety and security, assisting in building stronger communities through football and improving the overall football experience for all stakeholders.

This Fund is being offered in order to:

  • Meet strategic goals to grow, develop and promote the game of football
  • Assist Clubs, member zones and associations in securing and/or leveraging financial commitments from various levels of government, other sport user groups, sponsors, local community and business organisations and/or other strategic partners to contribute towards funding the upgrade of community football facilities
  • Build stronger communities through football

Program objectives

The overall objectives of the Program are to:

  • Improve the quality and/or quantity of community football club facilities
  • Improve the football experience for players, referees, coaches, administrators and spectators
  • Provide opportunities for more participants to play more football, more often
  • Improve safety at community football facilities (e.g. upgrade of field to provide a safer playing field, access pathways for players, disability ramps)
  • Promote inclusive football opportunities within Clubs (e.g. upgrade of amenities to increase female participation, provision of disability access, upgrade of referee amenities)
  • Increase security at community football facilities (e.g. installation of perimeter fencing).

Funding available

  • The Fund may fund up to 50% of the net project costs, with a maximum funding contribution of $150,000 per project. The minimum amount an applicant can apply for is $50,000.
  • Applicants must contribute 50% or more of the funding required for their project, and this can include contributions of voluntary labour, donated materials and/or equipment or other resources. It is also expected that the Applicants will cover any administration costs incurred with the project.

Organisations are eligible to make application for one project only.

For more information check out the fund at NSW Asian Cup 2015 Legacy Fund

Image: Markus Spiske

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