Water Safety Fund Community Grants 2016/17 closing 9 December 2016 (NSW)

Water Safety Fund Community Grants are being offered to support community efforts to reduce drowning deaths and improve water safety. Grants will be provided to successful applicants whose projects increase water safety in high risk geographical locations, population groups and activities.

Funding is available for projects of between $50,000 and $250,000. Funding is limited and it may not be possible to support all eligible applications. $1.5 million per year over three years ($4.5m in total) has been allocated to Water Safety Fund Community Grants.

Funding will be provided to programs that address priority areas under the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2016-2020 (‘the AWSS’), particularly high risk locations and key drowning challenges. However, initiatives that aim to reduce drowning deaths arising from extreme weather events are funded under other programs, and will not be considered for funding under this program.

Applicants may also wish to reference relevant NSW data in the National Drowning Report 2016 (Royal Life Saving) and NSW Coastal Safety Report 2016 (Surf Life Saving NSW).

Who can apply

  • Legally constituted not for profit organisations with experience delivering water safety projects.
  • Not-for-profit organisations who lead a program in partnership with government agencies, where the project is outside of usual budget parameters.
  • Non-government research bodies.
  • Local community groups that can demonstrate a track record of managing projects and finances, or which can partner with a larger organisation.

Unincorporated groups can apply if under the auspice of a legally established body, or if they are a local unit of a volunteer emergency service, through the parent agency. Where there is such a project partner, a letter from the auspice organisation identifying their role in the project must accompany the application.

Further information for applicants including selection criteria and conditions of funding can be found within the 2016/17 Water Safety Community Grants Program Guide [ PDF 235KB].

Where to apply

Applications should be lodged online at: https://portal.enquire.net.au/portal/applicant/oem?id=1085

For more information (source) >>> Water Safety Fund Community Grants 2016/17

Image: Will Oey


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