Ethics and Grants

Grants Information has a bit of a thing for strong ethics in grantwriting. However, in Australia, there seems to be a lack of information on what ethics should be demanded in the relationship between an organisation and a grant writer. The funder tends to be specific!

Lucky for us, the USA has a different model and places stringent requirements on grant writers and grantees.

Ethics in grant writing are pretty simple. Absolute honesty – in the business relationship, the grant contents and in the budget.

It raises questions though, doesn’t it? Some of the biggest are:

• “Is it OK to write grants for a percentage of the amount raised?”

• “Can we write the grantwriter’s fee into the grant?”

• “Is it all right to charge for grantwriting on a commission basis?”

Goodwin Deacon, Founder and Board Member of Puget Sound Grantwriters Association in the USA, has given her permission to share her ethics paper “Percentage Fees: The Troll Under the Bridge“. The paper answers these questions and more and it is listed on the Writing Resources page in Ethics and Commissions.

Goodwin has a book out delving into the grant writing process in depth. As a grant writer, I have fallen back to Goodwin’s ethics advice and, based on that, I am happy to share her book with you. Again, the link is on the Writing Resources page for you. It is not an affiliate link!

Let me know what you think….


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