The Ian Potter Foundation Round 1 2017 Expressions of Interest closes 9 December 2016

The Ian Potter Foundation has a strict process for application. Please refer to the steps in the application process tab

The Ian Potter Foundation makes grants across a broad range of sectors and endeavours. Their grants are managed through nine program areas: Arts, Community Wellbeing, Education, Environment & Conservation, Health & Disability, International Learning and Development, Medical Research, Science, Travel, and Conference.

The majority of their grants are made in response to applications and/or an expression-of-interest (EoI), although occasionally grants may be made in response to a need or opportunity pro-actively identified by the Foundation. The latter are usually major funding initiatives.

The Ian Potter Foundation rarely awards the full amount of any project.  Please ensure that you have alternative providers of funding, and that your application clearly considers any possible grant from the Foundation in this context.

Expression of Interest

An Expression of Interest (EOI) process applies for all applications to the following Program Areas:

Requests for more than $50,000

Before submitting your EOI you must telephone the relevant program manager on 03 9650 3188 to discuss your proposal and its fit with the Foundation’s priorities.

For more information see >> The Ian Potter Foundation’s website (source)


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