Grill’d Local Matters

Grill’d love to give back to the local communities they call home.

They get a stack of requests for support from different groups and organisations within the community. So that they could share the love and lend a hand…they created Local Matters.

Go on, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to get involved. Or, if you feel like you need some more info, watch the video below and scroll down for the good word.

Apply now

How does it work?

Local Matters is a community donation program. Every month, each of their restaurants donate $500 back into their local community.

The Rules

1. Only groups can apply
(no individual or personal projects sorry.)

2. Your group must be located in the local area where a Grill’d restaurant grills. We call it ‘Local’ Matters for a reason.

3. Groups can participate one every 12 months so we can share the love around.

4. If your group sounds a little dodgy, or not very ‘community-minded’, you won’t get through. No offense. The final decision rests with the community-conscious Grill’d judges.

For more information >> Grill’d Local Matters (Source)

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