Advance Queensland’s Advancing Regional Innovation Program – Pre-registration closes 18 November 2016

Advancing Regional Innovation Program

Encourages innovation across Queensland and supports local economies to create jobs for regional Queenslanders.

What’s important

  • Twelve Queensland regions will receive a funding pool of $500,000 each
  • Applications must be collaborative and involve a lead applicant with at least 5 partners
  • Applications will consist of a collaborative action plan that outlines a tailored program of activities that responds to the local needs and stage of development of its community
  • Activities include mentoring, capability development, and innovation spaces, to connect entrepreneurs with each other and with industry, and to coordinate local efforts
  • The plan has to show that services are being provided not only in one main location in the region, but at least two other locations across the region
  • Pre-registration is open until 5pm Friday 18 November 2016
  • Only applicants who have pre-registered are eligible to progress to a full application as the lead applicant—see eligibility criteria.

Key dates

Date Event Details
5pm, Friday 18 November 2016 Pre-registration closes All potential lead applicants must pre-register in order be eligible to apply as a lead applicant. If you are a partner, your lead applicant will include your name in their pre-registration.
Monday 21 November 2016 Applications open Accepted lead applicants will be notified following the pre-registration period and will be able to lodge a staged or full application from 21 November 2016.
5pm, Tuesday 28 February 2017 Staged applications closes Accepted lead applicants seeking assistance to develop a collaborative action plan must apply for seed funding.
5pm, Friday 28 April 2017 Full applications closes Accepted lead applicants must lodge a compliant full application.


Advancing Regional Innovation Program ($6 million):

  • Twelve regional innovation regions (PDF, 1.97MB) will be established, each with up to $500,000 over three years available.
  • 20% of funding in each region must be directed to outreach activities across the region to foster innovation across a broader geographic and demographic audience.
  • The provision of funding will be on a matched 1:1 basis (cash and in-kind).

Regional Network Fund ($1.5 million):

  • $1.5 million over three years to be used across the network of funded Advancing Regional Innovation Programs.
  • The Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, in consultation with regional stakeholders, will determine a range of tools that can be used across the state and support connectivity between regions including inbound and outbound activities.

For more information >> Advancing Regional Innovation Program


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